Why Use Prelimb to Plan Your Outdoor Space?

Prelimb includes drought tolerant plants for your garden

Drought Tolerant Focus

At Prelimb, we don't want you to choose any plant; we want you to choose the right plant. Since water is a important resource, Prelimb wants you to choose native, water conscious plants that create a sustainable garden. Prelimb isn't just a garden app, its a tool to help communities rethink their gardens. Remember, drought tolerant does not mean desert or ugly. There are hundreds of drought tolerant plants that are beautiful and perfect for your gardening tastes. Let Prelimb help you create and visualize your sustainable garden.

Prelimb will empower users with new gardening skills

Empower everyone to garden smart

The Prelimb team wants everyone to be a gardener and to improve their gardening skills. Our app aims to educate the user on plant spacing requirements as well as plant selection. Using Prelimb, you will not just create your dream garden, but create a realistic sustainable garden.

Prelimb will empower users with new gardening skills

Innovative Augmented Reality Technology

Unlike many gardening apps on the market today that use a 2D image of your yard, Prelimb has the ability to allow you to see your garden in real time. Using your iPad's camera view, you can place your plants in your garden space. Then you can walk around your space and get a true sense of scale and design at any angle.

The best part about Prelimb's innovation process is our ambitious goals. We are always innovating and coming up with new features. Our plant library will continue to grow as well.

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